Premier League – Manchester United 2-1 Everton

Luois Van Gaal, Manchester United coach:

A game of two halves “It was a very good first half, like against West Ham. We created a lot of chances but in the first half we only scored one goal from all those chances. Then we got a penalty given against us. Everton hadn’t created any chances until the last minute of the half, but fortunately De Gea stops the penalty. Then I thought the second half was easier to play against Everton because they wanted to equalise, so we had to keep the ball. But we couldn’t do that. I made substitutions to help our organisation but despite my changes it was not better because in the last 15 minutes they created three big chances.”

De Gea outstanding “David De Gea was fantastic today. When there are a lot of players in front of you your view is not so good as a goalkeeper. When the shot comes in from outside the box it is always at the last moment that you see the ball, but his reflexes are very good.”

Falcao off the mark “Yes, he needed that goal. I talked with him and I told him that he was forcing himself too much to score. He is a player who scores in every match, but here he has had to wait. Now he has [got his goal] it will be better after the international break.”

Di Maria impressing “I have said in my press conference that he is a team player, that he gives a lot of assists and he is making a lot of goals. We also need balance in our team when we don’t have the ball. For that, we have to find the solution. He is doing great. He wants to do his work defensively, but the balance in our team in the second half has to improve. When we have the ball we have to keep the ball and we didn’t do that. So that’s why in the second half it was very difficult for the fans, for the players, for the substitutes, but also for the manager!”

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