Wenger and Ferguson. Keane and Viera. Manchester United and Arsenal are no fans to rivalry on the pitch, but these two sides also compete off it.

In the recent years, football has evolved and has come far from being just another spectator sport. Particularly, the start of the Premier League in 1992 changed the face of the game, and added glamour, luxury, better athletes, and some serious money to the equation.

Money also brought about the renovation of historical stadiums in the country – and even new purpose built stadiums. While a renovation may not seem like a big deal on the outside, the new stadiums offer unmatched luxury, comfort, and unique match day experiences. A regular fan of the game could not have imagined couple of decades ago.

This article talks about two such stadiums, the new Emirates Stadium and the renovated Old Trafford, and the top-of-the-shelf match day experiences they offer. Without wasting any more time, let us get right to it!

The Emirates

Home to the legendary football club Arsenal, The Emirates Stadium has been witness to some of the greatest matches in the history of football. The stadium is relatively young, having been built in 2006. Since 2009, the stadium has constantly been undergoing ‘Arsenalisation’. It is now home to not just the club, but its heritage and history.

With a seating capacity of over 60,000, the third largest stadium in the country offers a selection of luxurious and memorable match day experiences:

  • The Matchball Experience

For true lovers of the game and Arsenal, the Matchball experience has to be the top choice. The package offers the guests to meet and interact with one of the Arsenal players while taking a stroll on the field! Guests are also treated to welcome champagne, complimentary drinks throughout the day, and a four-course meal at the iconic Highbury restaurant in the stadium.

  • The SuperBox Experience

Perfect for big groups, the SuperBox is a 24 seater, private match viewing haven with a dedicated catering service and complimentary drinks. Perfect for hosting special guests and clients, the SuperBox experience is fit for VIPs.

  • The Heritage Experience

Another memorable experience for the die-hard fans of Arsenal is the Heritage experience. As the name suggests, introduces the guests to the clubs most iconic benchmarks, events, and achievements. Apart from the access to the historical WM club, the experience grants access to Platinum level midfield seats so that you don’t miss any of the match day action.

Old Trafford

Better known as the “Theatre Of Dreams”, the home ground of Manchester United is a holy relic among football fans. Built in 1910, the stadium has withstood the test of time, and has witnessed some of the most iconic events in world football.

Let’s see what the second biggest stadium in the country has in store for the spectators:

  • The Knights Lounge

Watching the home team play from the comforts of the Knight’s Lounge is simply an extraordinary experience. The lounge, constructed to pay homage to Sir Matt Busby, Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Alex Ferguson, boasts a private bar. The guests are treated to an elaborate three-course meal before the kick-off.

  • The Evolution Suite

Just as the name suggests, the Evolution Suite captures the evolution of the iconic Red Devils. Apart from plush seats at strategic vantage points, the guests in the Evolution Suite are treated to welcome champagne, a 3-course meal before the game, and complimentary drinks throughout the day. The Evolution Suite has truly perfected the right way to watch football.


These were just a few of the luxury experiences offered by these iconic stadiums. If you are looking for a memorable matchday experience, head on to the White Label Hospitality website and check out the plethora of extraordinary experiences available.