Manchester United has been very active since the opening of the summer trade window to acquire new players nut also make some big moves in Europe. The club has been somewhat inconsistent since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from his football manager at the club.

The transition with Moyes was quite harsh did not last long.., Now in his second campaign, coach Louis van Gaal will try to bring more stability and fight for the Premier League title along side Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City. Falcao, Nani left the club Van Persie, De Gea is widely reported to be heading home and play for Real Madrid and Di Maria is linked to Paris Saint-Germain in between other clubs while Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid and Thomas Müller from Bayern Munich are under United’s radar.

As the club is getting ready to start their US summer tour, coach brings some insight about this summer’s expectations:

“In the first two matches I will play all the players at the most for 45 minutes because we have to adapt to that new situation. A lot of youngsters will also have the possibility to step into the matches.

“The Barcelona and PSG games are the third and fourth matches and at that point we will play with certain players for 60 minutes and 30 minutes. It will also be good to see where we stand then against the level of those kinds of teams.

“It can also say nothing about that though because last year we won every game with big figures, good results and attractive football. For me the most important match is the first match of the Premier League.”