Premier League week 7: Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Manchester City

Manchester City have collected a third straight defeat, lost BPL first place to their rivals Man United and literally sunk in London after leading 1-0 with the second goal of the new player De Bruyne.

The second half showed complete absence for the Citizens. Coaches talk after the game and the feeling is quite opposite.

Pellegrini (MCFC): “We scored a goal and we had two or three clear chances to score again but didn’t take them. I think Tottenham’s first shot at our goal was after 40 minutes. After that they scored with an offside goal and in the second half I think Tottenham played very well.

We didn’t defend set pieces very well today and conceded two goals that way during the game, which is disappointing. We are disappointed to lose two league games in a row. I think that we didn’t play very well against West Ham in the first half and we didn’t play well here in the second half.

I don’t want to continue talking about the goals because these are mistakes referees can make. The Premier League is always difficult that’s why when we won the first five games everyone said we were going to win the Premier League.

We must continue working, we must continue trying to play in the way we did in the first 45 minutes today. In the future we must play every game as though it is a final.”

Pochettino (THFC):  “We are very pleased and very happy. We have big potential, we are very young. I think that today was the (our) youngest team and this is important. The potential is massive but we need to keep the feet on the grass because you know always after a big win you need to keep your feet on the grass.

“Now, this is our tough job but I am very pleased with the result. We can discuss different things but in the end I think we fully deserved the victory. We need to keep calm, like the shirt. “In Spain, a lot of the kids have ‘keep calm’, ‘keep calm’ on their t-shirts.

This is true because we are very young. Now after three victories in a row in the Premier League, it is very important for us. It is important for them to believe in the way that we play and our philosophy of how we do our job, but remain calm because it is only the beginning of the season and nothing has happened yet. We have a long way ahead. We are very young and sometimes we can confuse quick.”

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