Matchday 20: Tottenham 2-0 Chelsea

There will not be a new Premier League record 14 wins as Chelsea failed to do so in one of many London derbies. Conte’s men were outplayed by a strong Spurs side and Dele Alli who notched a brace to pass the Blues. Tottenham jumps to third place with the win, tied with Man City as the title race is on between six clubs! 

Coach Conte comments on the loss:

‘We are disappointed but also we must be pleased for our run as 13 wins in this league is not easy. Today we lost against a good team, a really strong team and don’t forget Tottenham fought last season for the title. Mauricio Pochettino has worked with his team for many years and they are improving, and they are one of the six teams that can fight to the end to win the title, or a place in the Champions League.

At the start of the second half we started very well and created chances to score but then we conceded the second goal. They were two similar goals but I was a footballer and that can happen in a game. We have to continue to work and improve and it is normal. This is a process and we started this process only five months ago and with time we can improve, and we will improve.

Now we have to restart, to continue to work and this defeat is totally different if you compare with our defeats in September, because at that moment we were not a team. Tonight we showed we are a strong team and this is important. My priory is to come back to winning. We are working together only for five months and to see we are on top of the table with the same players as last season, we must be pleased with this.”

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