Premier League showdown

Manchester City reminds Liverpool FC that they can count on them to fight for the league title next year. Liverpool did not have it today and were amorphous, getting destroyed in the first half (3-0 at the break). City finished the champions off quickly in the second half for a FT 4-0. Definitely not pretty. 


But do not blame the champions they are humans like you and I. We have seen greatness all season long from Liverpool and it is normal for players to let go their focus once the title is done. They lacked concentration. On the opposite side Man City was determined to make a statement for next year and clearly both teams are above the rest of the Premier League. 

City Focused

Man City coach, Guardiola praises his players after the win:

“It’s good for us for the game against Arsenal in the semis” – FA Cup – “and especially against Madrid in the second leg” – UEFA Champions League.

“These kinds of games help us to try to do it. The most important thing is, when a team wins eight titles out of the last 10 comps they play, it’s because they are an incredible team.

With the results Liverpool have done, no one could stop them in any country. What we have done in the last years is unique and exceptional. That won’t change because we lose (the title) to Liverpool.

It was really important for us for Arsenal and Madrid.”

In the Premier League, Manchester City and Liverpool will likely be left alone to battle for the 2021 league title. They level of play are greater than any other team in the league and they are consistent. Manchester United and Chelsea showed brilliance but failed to repeat the same great performances weekend over weekend.

Klopp not worried

The least we can say it was a very disappointing showdown and performance from Klopp’s men. The German manager commented:

“it’s a reminder of how good Man City is. I didn’t need that, that’s true, because I knew it before. Still the surprise is, and it’s nice that, in a league where City is playing it’s still possible that somebody else can be champion because that’s not really likely with the quality they have. So it’s not a reminder. We will see how next season [goes], it’s a while until then. 

If anybody thought before this game that the quality gap between Liverpool and Manchester City is 20 or 23 points, I cannot help these people. Football is not about that; football is about winning games and we did that in a pretty impressive manner.

I saw, I think, pretty much all of City’s games and even the games they lost were good, unbelievable. It is the truth, it is not that they didn’t perform or whatever. They had then the moments when the opponent scored – and that was tonight the case.”