Premier League week 31 – Fulham 0-2 Manchester City

In a tight title race with Liverpool, Man City won an important match to regain the lead with a few games left before the season ends. 

Both club are also preparing Champions League quarterfinals and have big aspirations. 

Man City‘s coach Pep Guardiola comments on the big victory away:

“It was an incredible result after the international break and having played away. We did what we should do.

The players have amazed me again. Our first 15-20 minutes was one of the best of the season. We played with incredible spirit, we could have scored more. After the goals we controlled it.

At the end of the match, maybe the players were tired. After the break playing at home is different to playing away. Always you have doubts about how they’re going to react.

This game was tricky – 12:30 on Saturday, a sunny day. That is unusual and that is why I am so satisfied.

Fulham was a tough game for Liverpool and Chelsea so we knew it was going to be tricky. We are going to do everything to win. No matter the next competition, we will (try to) win the game.”

Liverpool and Man City have done incredible so far so deserve the credit. We will have 80 points with six games to play if we win next week. We don’t think too much about what people say about the quadruple.

What Liverpool and Manchester City have done in the Premier League, both deserve the credit. That’s why we are here.mEnjoy the moment and dream to win another game.”