Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid

A goal from Neymar at the 18th initiated with a brilliant pass from Iniesta and a chipped ball from Alexis Sanchez sealed a tight Clasico which outcome could have changed if Cristian Ronaldo was awarded a much controversial penalty not whistled. Jese Rodriguez reduced the score for Real Madrid in the last moments of the game…

Barca coach – Tata Martino speaks:

“It’s true that in the first half we appeared to be the team that we have always been. In the second half we weren’t doing a good job and I decided to make the subs that I needed to make in order to improve the team,”. “Alexis has been doing a great job since the end of last season. If this goal makes the people acknowledge him more, I welcome it. It will impact his performance, he’s always ready. He’s having an excellent season.”

On Neymar: “He’s played better games, but the significance of his goal raises his performance. I believe he’s played better matches.”

On Messi: Leo has given a lot to the team. If we find responses like his when it comes to winning back possession we’ll have a greater chance of succeeding and later, if we have the ball, it will be easier to attack,”.

“The impact from today’s result is more emotional than it is mathematical. A six-point advantage on Round 10 can’t be considered significant. I’m pleased and satisfied, but this has just begin. We still have 28 matches to go.”

Real coach – Carlo Ancelotti  speaks:

I think the second half was very good. We pressed more, played more; we were in control of the game and had good chances to score”.

On Cristiano’s play: “In my opinion it is a clear penalty, I think the whole world saw it apart from the referee, who didn’t award it”.

I don’t think we played with three defensive midfielders because Modric isn’t a defensive midfielder. Khedira and Ramos played defensively to give the team balance. Carvajal played with an attacking mindset, so did Marcelo, Di María is a forward, Ronaldo as well… I don’t think that Barcelona played with as many forwards. They only played with Messi and Neymar”.

“It was a great match with fantastic atmosphere. I think it was a great spectacle against a great team. We set out to win”.

I think in the first half we were too worried and we didn’t play, and in the second we played a lot better. We were in complete control and Barcelona had a lot of difficulty defending.”