Udinese 0-1 AS Roma

With down to 10 players, substitute American International Bradley delivered AS Roma within four minutes after entering to continue perfect start 9 out of 9 wins.

Coach Garcia:

This win was our best one yet. We played with our heads and our hearts, which is what we’ve been doing since the beginning of the season. To win with 10 men at the Stadio Friuli, where Udinese hadn’t lost in over a year, is something very important for our future. And at the end of the season it’s certainly going to count.

“Udinese’s counterattacking caused us to suffer in the first half, and that was our fault because we gave up too much space without keeping the right balance in certain moments. At half-time we made a few changes and our second half went much better.

“The buildup to the goal was fantastic because we only had 10 players on the field. This team believes in itself and has the power to attack even when it’s outnumbered. Today we needed new strength. Bradley and Marquinho allowed us to be dangerous in that moment of the game. All the players are important. Even when we were down a man we played to win, which was great.

“Is it true you play better and play to win when you’re down to 10 players? Maybe in just a one-off situation, but not in every game [laughing].

“You create your own luck. It doesn’t come by itself. Let’s not forget that we were playing outnumbered at the end of the game. The most important thing is to believe in the strength of the team and to have confidence in your team-mates and the group as a whole.



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