Premier League week 30

Manchester City extend lead to four points on top of the table before Liverpool play Burnley. For most of the season, Manchester City were running behind Liverpool but now with only 8 more games to play, Liverpool will hope for the Citizens to lose points over the next fixtures. 

Against Watford, Raheem Sterling was the man of the match scoring a hat-trick for his 13th, 14th and 15th goals of the season in the Premier League. 

Coach Guardiola was very happy with the outcome:

“We deserved to win by far. We were the better team on the pitch. It’s always so difficult to attack when they play so deep. There was a striker playing as a holding midfielder. It’s complicated with no spaces.

But after the first goal it became easier. Most of the games we play are like this – so difficult because they are so organized. We spoke at half-time: make more attacking movement. We did it and it was an incredible performance. 

It was almost impossible to attack when the opposition play so deep – there were no spaces. Most of the games we play are like this – difficult because the opposition are so organized. The opponent came here and defended with 11 players in the box. We spoke at half-time to make more attacking movements and we did it.

It was so difficult but we created enough chances and after the first goal, it was easier. There are so many people working so hard to maintain their level.

What we have achieved this season and last season is because we deserved it. There are nine games left and every game is important. We were waiting for a few months to be top and now, we are top and try to win every game.

We have a final on Tuesday in the Champions League; then the FA Cup and then the international break. On Sunday, we will see the Schalke game but we will battle until the end with Liverpool.

I guess we are going to drop points from now until the end of the season with he schedule. It’s impossible (not to) with the amount of games we have in all competitions, if we go through.

We have to be calm and prepared.”