Premier League week 36

Man City won at Burnley and lead the Premier League again with 92 points, one more point than Liverpool. The Citizens are two victories from the title. What a season it’s has been between two great English clubs. Both clubs have won most of their games with only one loss for Liverpool all season long.

But the Reds have their biggest challenge yet ahead with a game against Barcelona in the Champions League semifinal. 

Man City coach, Guardiola comments on the win: 

“In the second half we increased our desire to win – quite similar to the game at Old Trafford – and three more points. Two games left. It was an important victory for us.

We controlled the long ball and we had chances to score the second goal – in the last minutes anything can happen, always it is difficult if you cannot close the game.

In the first half we didn’t create too much but of course it is what it is, we knew in these kind of games you play with intention and 92 points is incredible – it is in our hands, we must win our next two games and our next one against Leicester.”

We knew we just need to go forward, don’t make fouls and concede as little as possible the fouls and corners.

We had a penalty not given – which I think is a penalty. We could have won by more distance, I’m so happy for the victory and now we have a week to prepare and hopefully we arrive at Brighton with the chance to be champions.

We didn’t concede one shot on target or one corner, we are a small team but we are smart, in the first half the pitch was so dry and it was slow but in the second half we knew we had to score our goal.”