Premier League fixture 20

Liverpool returns to winning ways after 5 winning-less matches in the league with big win at Tottenham. Liverpool delivered a complete performance at Tottenham to vanquish a rival for the top places in the table. A late goal in the first half and a second one right after the break designed the 3-1 away win. Tottenham did fight back and reduced the score to 2-1 but Sadio Mane gave Liverpool the three points. 

Coach Klopp on the victory for the Reds: 

“It is always a mix and that the boys want to do well, it’s clear; that we as coaches have to tell them what they have to do together in specific moments is clear as well. I am completely happy about the performance and, yes, it’s about the boys. They put a proper shift in. It was a brave performance in a game against a counter-attacking monster, which they are, and that makes it even more special. For tonight, it was really good.

It was necessary as well, to be honest! It was a good moment to show up a little bit. We are still here, so that’s good to know. Now we go home and then we come back in a few hours to play West Ham.”

Harry Kane injured

The Spurs lost their best player as Harry Kane went down and had to replaced at the break. Mourinho reorganized his squad but Liverpool played better in the second half.

Coach Mourinho on the loss:

 “I believe it was a very good, solid performance in the first half, with two mistakes, one in the first minute, one in the last minute.

“The mistake in the last minute took us to half-time at 1-0, then at half-time we lose Harry, and we come into the second half with good ambition, good determination, again, a defensive mistake brings the 2-0.

“Again, good spirit, good reaction, Pierre’s goal, I think he reflects the spirit of the team, and again, when you are dominating, when you are in the opposition half, another mistake, unfortunately this time from a boy in Joe who for me played, so, so well. Again, punished by our own mistakes.

“But everything went wrong at the end of the first half. We shouldn’t go in losing at half-time, not at all. I think we were really good, solid and confident in the first half, so to go 1-0 down, not easy, to lose Harry Kane, not easy. To come out for the second half and another defensive mistake and 2-0, it’s very difficult to resist that, even mentally. But I praise the guys who stayed on until the end because until the end, they tried.”