Liverpool in trouble

The Premier League champions fell at home for the first time since April 2017 (1-2 defeat to Crystal Palace) to Burnley 1-0. The spectacular 68-game unbeaten home run came to an end against the 16th in the league.

More alarming, Liverpool has not scored a goal for 440 minutes in Premier League action. The Reds sits 4th, 6 points behind Man United and have recorded 2 losses and 3 ties in the last five games; definitely not on par for a repeat. 

Coach Klopp on the tough time:

it is not the luckiest period of our lives, for sure not. But I think it would be a bit cheap to put it all on that; that we have not enough luck or in a specific moment. I think our problem is the decision-making in the moment and decisions are based on information I give obviously and the mood you are in, so how confident you are to do it in really small spaces and stuff like this. That’s why I said what I said.

That’s the reason why we didn’t score in these moments. It is not cool to mention it now but we won games with lesser possession against Burnley, with lesser chances against Burnley and we won them. Tonight we didn’t win because we didn’t score in the situations. When I look at the game back now and when I think about it – in all the interviews I had enough time to think a little bit about it – how is it possible that you lose that game? But we lost it. That’s our, and that means my, fault.

We can do more with this group, we can play much better football, that is my concern. That is what I am thinking about. The confidence is not on the highest level, I think that is so obvious that I don’t have to mention it – you can see it in specific moments. It is like 90 per cent of all what the boys did all of the time is still there, but the decisive 10 per cent in the moment is missing. So, now we have to work on this decisive 10 per cent. That’s how it is – we always work on them, but now we have to dig a little bit deeper to get them back.