Premier League week 15

Liverpool added another tally of five goals in the derby against Everton 5-2. Although coach Klopp made five changes to the starting lineup, his men responded brilliantly. 

More than ever, Liverpool seem to be unstoppable and cannot lose the Premier League title. They will have some difficulties during the season but they look so focus on this objective.

30 years wait

Liverpool have won 18 Premier League titles [and an English record 6 Champions League], but the last one was in 1990. 30 years later the club made the Premier League its #1 priority.

Coach Klopp on the outstanding offensive display:

Making five changes can lead to some problems, of course. I didn’t see any of them. We have to make changes, that’s clear; probably some people were not too happy that we did that before a derby but we cannot make differences on that. It was clear it would be a really intense game so we needed fresh legs, as many as we could get.

The only two boys I didn’t bring tonight were Joe [Gomez] and Naby [Keita] and both – with Joe you saw it and Naby I can tell you – are in outstanding shape. It was only me not being brave enough to make [those changes] as well.

But what the boys made of this difficult game was exceptional. We scored incredible goals. We had to fight. A few things didn’t work out defensively. First, we probably surprised them with our system; then, they didn’t surprise us but we couldn’t adapt as quickly as possible as necessary to their little system change.

We wanted to wait until half-time. I was fine with 4-1, I was not fine with 4-2. But then we adapted to the system. It was an intense game but we controlled it much more again, scored a sensational fifth goal and job done – all good.


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