Arsenal 1-2 Brigthon

Arsenal lost to Brighton at home. Brigthon had lost their last three games and took advantage of a lethargic Arsenal side. The Gunners have not won in the Premier League since October 6th! Two months without a victory at the Emirates stadium. 

They brought Freddie Ljunberg to replace Emery but the players would not even wake up. Year after year the club has fallen to a second tier level in England and far from what investors would expect. 

Only 19 points in 15 games

The interim coach tries to find positives signs in another dark night for Arsenal:

“We’re disappointed to lose at home. The main thing is we didn’t show up in the first half. We were very passive and we had a chat at half-time, made a tactical change and all of a sudden we looked like a team. For 20 minutes or so we really pushed them, scored goals and thought we could win the game, but VAR was correct. That’s how we have to play the whole game.

I said to the players that you can’t give away a whole half to any team in the Premier League. That’s what we need to learn from.

That’s the tough part. They look very short on confidence. In the first half they were scared to get the ball and a bit scored to move, they were just standing still. That’s something we need to talk about.

They need to have a win, we need to dig out a win and get them some confidence. They can do it because they showed it in the beginning of the second half and they did it really well for 20 minutes. It’s hard to say that when you lose at home, but they were very good in that little spell.

It’s never easy when you sack a manager and you’re low on confidence. We started really well at Norwich. We started the second half really well and I was sure we were going to win the game and get going again. We get a sucker punch on a counter or as they play down one side. It’s hard to take but we keep plugging away.