Premier League  week 23:

Liverpool reached 60 points today and has won 19 our of the first 23 games in the Premier League. Salah netted a brace in the 4-3 victory over Crystal Palace. 

The visitors came to play at Liverpool and took the lead in the first half. The second half was a festival of occasions and strikes with six goals scored in just 45 minutes. 

Man City under-pressure

Once again, Manchester City must win to stay in contact with the top teams. The Citizens are seven points behind the leaders before their game at Huddersfield on Sunday.

Coach Klopp comments on the crazy victory:

“A game like this can go in all directions. We were extremely dominant in the first half, but we were 1-0 down; we created chances but not enough, maybe not clear enough. And we didn’t have enough players in the decisive areas, we had a lot of players in the preparing areas. That can happen of course, so at half-time it was clear we had to change that. We needed players in the decisive areas, more bodies in the box and all that stuff.

Thank God it worked pretty well immediately. We forced these two goals to come back and everyone felt the atmosphere. Then, obviously it was not 100 per cent clear for the boys. That can happen as well, it’s not a big problem.

We had good moments and controlled it most of the time. But pretty much each ball we lost was immediately a counter-attack because Zaha had a really good game and gave us a lot of things to solve. Millie did outstandingly well because you really cannot defend him alone and we didn’t – besides the goal, of course, which he set up.

Apart from that, we could defend him but there were a lot of set-pieces – especially the set-piece which they got for the 2-2. It was an open game now with more possession for us. We scored the third one with a similar situation that we had plenty of in the first half, these diagonal balls into the box for the full-backs.

The boys did it, you always need a bit of luck in football but it was not too much necessary. The boys deserve these three points in a very difficult game.”