Community Shield 2022

Liverpool dominated Manchester City 3-1 in the Community Shield winning the first trophy of the 2022-23 season! Two late goals from Salah 83′ and Nuñez 90+4′ sealed the Reds’ victory over the Premier League champions.

Trent was first on the scoreboard 21′, 1-0 Liverpool until Alvarez tied the game at the 70th minute.   

Reactions from the winning side coach Klopp:

“We were today – both teams – not at 100 percent of their physical, usual situation, if you want. But in the first few games [of pre-season] we were not even close to the fitness level of today. Then when he came on, we passed each ball for him to chase it and after the third ball, he was completely killed and then everybody judged his first touches and these kinds of things. It’s just a joke, but we have to live with that, he will deal with it brilliantly, we are patient, and we know he can do good stuff. I liked his impact today; I liked the impact.

Everything, I liked the whole game. We are that early [in the season], I like the problems we have in a game, especially when you win. I really like the problems because you have to work on that. I know we have to work. We said it before, we have to extend our pre-season at least for two more weeks. There’s no other chance. We cannot just now go in the normal rhythm, play games at the weekend that we are not prepared for. Then three games a week which we will have from, I don’t know exactly, from three or four weeks”.

City coach Guardiola on his side’s defeat

“We’ve had two weeks and a few more days now since we started but in general they gave everything. I said to the players I am proud of how they gave everything.

Now, we have to improve. We need this month of training to get our tempo and we will do it. In the second half we started really well, it was tight after the goal and our game was there. We were really good against this team, even in the first half we created enough chances to do it.”