Premier League – Opening week

Liverpool 4-0 West Ham. Salah scored the first goal for the Reds and Sané added a brace.

With this large victory, Liverpool is the first leader in England after the Opening weekend.

Coach Klopp comments on a perfect afternoon:

“A very good start, for sure. Yes, it’s a start – perfect as well because we won the game. For us it was not perfect, but really good. Nobody knows exactly how well you did or how worthy your pre-season is.

Always you see things in pre-season [against] different opponents and in different moments, but now the Premier League is a proper fight and immediately today that’s the biggest change and then you hope as a manager that your team is ready for that, because you cannot test it before you have the test. For that… the start was good. After being 1-0 up, maybe we didn’t have exactly the same dominance, we felt the intensity.

“We didn’t have that in the pre-season really, because after 60 minutes you change. That’s no problem because when you feel something after about 30 or 25 minutes then you know it’s not too long to go, but when you want to go the whole game… that’s all different. You saw we were not as compact anymore in that period when Arnautovic had a chance and they had a few set-pieces.

They were obviously taller than us today, so that was always a bit tricky, with the wind also. Then we scored in the perfect moment before half-time, absolutely perfect, then we scored the third one and the fourth one when Daniel was kind of eight seconds on the pitch – that was really cool. So result good, performance good, let’s carry on”.