Premier League Opening Week.

They came, they won and they go home. The champions, Manchester City, are continuing on the same wave as they finished last year and showed so much control at Arsenal today.

One goal in each half and the possession of the ball allowed the Citizens to come home with the first victory of the season.

Coach Guardiola comments on the win at the Emirates stadium against Arsenal:

“I said many times, our average level is high, you cannot deny that. I have a feeling we can improve. Like inserting Mendy into the group.

Today our pressing was different than Chelsea. To understand that needs time. But in general, I am more than satisfied what I saw against Chelsea and Arsenal.

I think going away to the Emirates is always so complicated. Especially in the first game when Arsenal have a new manager. Every supporter wants to do their best and of course, winning the Community Shield this week was so good.

We played a high level considering the lack of physical condition for many of the players who arrived back late after the World Cup.

Our performance was good but this is just the first step so we keep going.”