Can They Really Make it?

Liverpool fans, no it is not a Christmas dream, it is all true! Liverpool dispatch with easy Newcastle and were able to extend their lead at the top of the table because Manchester City conceded a second consecutive defeat this time against Leicester.

Jurgen Klopp said that it was essential to ‘stop getting too excited too early’ but looking at the form of the Reds and at the table. It will be challenging for Liverpool’s fans to listen to the German’s boss.

Klopp clear intent will be to shield himself and his players from the atmosphere that in inevitable at Merseyside: that could be the key as if the Reds will be able to keep calm than they can really do it this time.

Anfield gave a clear preview of that might be the next six months when on 82 minutes the news of Leicester winning against Manchester City started to circulate in the stands.

It only took few seconds to create a Boxing Day crowd explosion like it is for this stadium on a perfect Champions League night.

Liverpool didn’t play their best game against Newcastle, but they didn’t have to to get the maximum out of this clash. They did increase the gears when it was necessary and manage well resources ahead of the busy week ahead. They will first face Arsenal at Anfield before hitting Man City directly at the Etihad Stadium in a match that at this point can indeed be rather defining.

Looking at Liverpool now and comparing to the last couple of seasons we can see that the main difference is the quality centre-backs. Virgil Van Dijk is playing fantastically well and now defenders have also started to score goals: Dejan Lovren struck the opening against Newcastle in a goal that remembered those Boxing Days with Alan Shearer.

The presence of Kevin Keegan in the VIP box was a clear reminder of an era when the difference between those two sides wasn’t that big. Things are very different today: Newcastle came with former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez with the clear intention of limiting the damage, and that didn’t work either. The impression was that Benitez was trying to focus more on the fixtures to come knowing that at Anfield would have been pretty impossible to get something.

So the question that everyone is asking ahead of the head to head clash between Manchester City and Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday 3rd January is: ‘Can Liverpool finally win the Premier League? Can they do it rather comfortably considering Man City’s crisis?

We have asked those questions to football betting expert Ethan Rowe: ‘I firmly believe this is Liverpool’s year although make no mistakes it might not be as easy as it seems today: it all depends how those two teams will fare in the Champions League’, said Ethan Rowe.

‘It is clear that Guardiola is prioritizing the Champions League over the Premier League. He knows that that is the trophy that is missing to make his team legendary. If Manchester City will progress into the Champions League it is likely they will drop the ball in the Premier League. And a much more motivated Liverpool can extend their lead further, basically killing the competition.

If however, the Citizens will not be able to progress further than the quarterfinals, then they will fight back. And the title race could become very close especially if the Reds qualify for the semis or even the final of the Champions League’.