Copa America 2016: Brazil 0-0 Ecuador

What a poor performance this was and in general a disappointing start for this Copa America 2016 in the US. We only had one goal in three games and a total of 3 goals since the beginning of the tournament. The level of play displayed so far has been very under watchers and fans’ expectations.

Ecuador scored a goal that was wrongly waived off by the referee… In fact, why do we have the goal technology if the refs cannot make the right call? So Brazil has a lot to do if they want to advance to the next stage and certainly will have to play better.

Coach Dunga reacts on the display from the Seleçao

“We have to improve everything. This is not only about the defense or attack, we have to improve as a group. We knew how Ecuador was going to play, the way the players play tactically, they were very focused throughout the match. We created chances but the goal didn’t come.

I sent Lucas [Moura] in to give more speed to the sides and I needed Gabriel up front because the Ecuadorian team was gaining the ball. We needed to feed balls between Coutinho and Gabriel. We went out there for a win since the beginning, we tried in many ways, but the Copa America is very difficult and now we have to think about winning the next game.

We have to find solutions. There are many injuries at this time, but on the other hand the players are very motivated to play in the national team. For our part, we have to control the training, duration, intensity, so they can be in the best shape for the next match.”

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