Premier League: Cardiff City 2-3 Arsenal

Arsenal have won their last two games in the Premier League and won their first game away from home it was not an easy game in Wales.

First, being up twice, the Gunners let the visitors come back into this one as they leveled up with only twenty minutes to play. But, the Frenchman Lacazette found the net thanks to a nice cross and gave Arsenal a much-needed victory.

Coach Emery comments on the second consecutive victory:

“The reaction was very important. We have done it in each match, and today it was the same. It was the same [reaction] when we needed to win [this game] after they equalized twice. I think the reaction was very good for continuing with our personality. The most important was to be calm and continue working.

On his strikers:

They found chances and options in the match to score with their attacking movements, and we need to continue to improve in our defensive movements. Also in our box, not conceding these chances to the opposition. Cardiff had strong moments but before that, I think we controlled the match. With this way, we won.

It’s good for confidence, this match and this goal, plus this victory for the team. Many important things happened today on the pitch. If you play every time long balls, you lose possession and momentum. We take risks in moments of the match, but when you break their pressing on the pitch you can find space for attacking the opposition.

On letting Cardiff comes back twice in this game:

It is for that it’s clear you can maybe do one mistake like today and one action, but we need to continue with this personality. We need to continue also then to do the mix, to [play a] long ball with the space for the first action, and the second action to win possession on the pitch and then continue going forward to the opposition goal.

We are continuing working on the combination on the pitch between the players, and also keeping our mentality and our ideas. Today I think the performance of the two players [Aubameyang and Lacazette], with their goals, helped us. We can continue to work to find the best individual performance and quality from each player.”