Premier League: Burnley 0-2 Manchester United, Watford 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester United was against the wall after losing the last 0-3 to Tottenham and pressure was all so on Jose Mourinho’s following his comments on his trophies and the poor start of the season.

The Red Devils brought back a very important win and the first clean sheet of the Premier League season.

United coach, Jose Mourinho, comments on the win:

“Everything pleased me. The first 10 minutes were the mirror of the game. So fast, so creative, even I can say so beautiful. But we lost three chances in the first 10 minutes and I think that was the mirror of the game. We managed to score two goals which was enough to win, but it shouldn’t just be two, it should be three, four, five, six.

We should have scored before we scored the goals and we should have scored the penalty that would kill the game and also the best chances after the penalty. Even with 10 men, the team was really strong in every aspect of the game.

There were good individual performances no doubt about it and without those you cannot win matches. Individual mistakes lose you matches and today we didn’t have those [in defense]. We had some in the face of Joe Hart and that’s why the result was only 2-0.”

Watford have been the surprise of the summer and are building on their sensational start of the Premier league 2018-19 season.

They have won their first four games of the season, best start ever and beat a title contender in Tottenham.

Coach Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino, laments the loss:

“The reality is if you don’t fight in the way you need to fight. To play football is one thing, to compete is different.

Today, in the first half, we didn’t compete in the way we should compete if we want to win and to be a contender. It’s easy after Manchester United, 3-0, everyone praised the team. But today if you don’t give your best, you can lose.

You can lose, but in the way we lost today. If the opponent is better than you, you cannot say anything but when you are better but didn’t show you are better for different reasons, it’s so painful. We have to keep going.”