Aug 18, 2018; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC midfielder Harrison Shipp (19) celebrates his goal with midfielder Osvaldo Alonso (6) against the Los Angeles Galaxy during the first half at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

MLS: Seattle Sounders 5-0 LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy delivered their worst performance of the season and have now conceded 47 goals in 26 games which is clearly not a pace from a playoff team.

Unless they rectify the fall right-away, Ibrahimovic and Co. are bound to another year without playoffs.

Coach Schmid on the horrible match:

“It was just a game that we’ve got to put behind us. It was embarrassing. I apologize to our fans because they had to watch it. I’ve got to watch it again and again so they only have to watch it once.

“Obviously it’s not a good point, but we’re all in this together. For me, we have to look at if we’re in the right places and right positions. Our ability to sometimes anticipate or to keep possession – it’s not just defending.

When we give away some of the goals that we gave away today … it wasn’t like they put together great combination plays to beat us on the goals. It was pretty simple.

There’s not much you can say. It was an embarrassing game for us. We gifted them three goals. I thought the first three goals were gifts from us and even the last one was another gift.

You just can’t do that against a good team and expect to get a result. There’s nothing we’re not going to look at. We’ll look at everything. This is an emotional moment right after the game so we just have to let calmer heads prevail, sleep on it, think about it and then make decisions.”