MLS: Atlanta United 3-1 Columbus Crew

Best team and the best stadium in the League highlight Atlanta and this has been for the past years under Argentine coach Martino.

On the same night forward Josef Martinez tied the MLS single goalscoring record and will crush it with 10 more games still to play.

Coach Tata Martino

“It’s just a relief. We wanted to win at home and every once in a while I celebrate a goal like that. I thought the game in the second half was so beautiful that I had the feeling that I had to shout.

First, I offer my congratulations to Josef because it’s a very important achievement for him, especially being only his second year in the league. I think it’s like a weight off of his shoulders, now that he’s tied the record everything that comes after this is extra.

“It’s an occasion that we haven’t always been able to take advantage of in the past few weeks. So it was important for us and I have the feeling that as we get closer to the end of the season that all of these results are going to be very important to separate us.

Not only was it a great result in that Josef (Martinez) was able to tie the record, but I think with the win today we now have one more win than we had last season with nine games still to play. Those are goals that you go setting and I think it’s good that now we’re completing some of our goals.”

Josef Martinez on tying the MLS single season goals record and getting the win:

“It was a difficult result. It was a team who’s very tough. I think they’re one of the best teams in the league. They showed that again today, so I’m really happy for the win. Then, obviously, I’m happy Miguel got the goal.

I think that’s important for him and I’m happy for Tito as well. When I get to 28 goals I’ll have something. I mean, I tied the record, but what I really want is to break it. So once I break it, I’ll be even more happy. I was out of energy.”