Premier League day 2: Manchester City 6-1 Huddersfield, Brighton 3-2 Manchester United

Aguero signs a hat-trick for City as the Citizens dismantle their opponent in easy win.

City rival Manchester United showed serious defensive issues conceding 3 goals to a modest Brighton squad. The Red Devils lost on their first away game.

Coach Guardiola on a satisfying afternoon:

“We suffered last season a lot against Huddersfield – we had problems to attack more fluidly. Last season, we did it once or twice but not much more.

We decided to play with two strikers to have more of a presence in the box, knowing we also have Mendy arriving. He is clever – he can see the pass in front of the ‘keeper, or the penalty spot, or the 18-yard box.He is a clever guy, arriving there.

“Today, it worked but that does not mean every time, we will play in that way. It depends on the players we have and the players that play.

“The way we attacked and our desire without the ball…

“We started with a lot of people coming back later. That showed in the Community Shield and against Arsenal and today, we were much better in terms of football and consistency. Against Chelsea and Arsenal, we survived rather than played well. Attacking with ten players in the box, we did quite well.”

Guardiola had also some words for Aguero:

“He came back perfect – not just scoring goals but his passing and his assists… he never stops! When that happens, he is one of the best strikers in the world, without a doubt.

Since he came back, in this period – in the Community Shield, against Arsenal and today, he has been perfect.”

Is Mourihno already in danger of losing his job? He reacts to the poor defending performance:

“We made too many mistakes and we were punished by the mistakes. We were punished by every mistake we made and I think the third goal is too hard for the team [to come back].

We tried at half-time and the team tried in the second half, but I think from the mental point of view the accumulation of the mistakes and the punishing of those mistakes with goals step by step was giving happiness and confidence to a good team like Brighton.

They took that confidence from us. Sometimes you make mistakes and you are not punished, sometimes the opponent doesn’t take advantage of your gifts, doesn’t take advantage of the mistakes you make.

Sometimes they do it and this time it was almost three from three, so they were clinical with the gifts we gave them and, because of that, I think they deserve it.”