MLS 2017 season – week 1: Los Angeles Galaxy 1-2 FC Dallas

LA Galaxy starts off the 2017 MLS season with a home loss against a well-regrouped Texan team who came out to play and was rewarded with a the winning goal in the second half after Dos Santos leveled the match. 

LA Galaxy coach Onalfo on the match:

“I thought it was a game we shouldn’t lose. I thought we played well enough to get points out of the game. I thought our reaction….if you look at the first half, I think we’re sloppy at times. But we had some good, extended possession. We defended well for the most part, a little disjointed on a couple plays but normal for this time of the season. They come out and score a quick goal. I think our reaction is excellent. And then we’re pushing the game and I’m really disappointed with the second goal we gave up. Having said that, a couple clear chances. Jermaine [Jones]’s chance off the post, Ariel [Lassiter] has two chances and we we’re dangerous.

You think you have to get something out of the game, so I’m disappointed from that standpoint. But for me it’s a matter of getting better each day. We faced a very good FC Dallas team. They were the best team in the regular season last year. They were the best team in MLS and they’re better this year. We faced a very, very good team that punishes you when you make mistakes.”


On how the game measured with his expectations:

“It’s kind of what I expected. I think last week rattled us a little bit because we played a very good Portland team. Any time you play a good team you learn a little bit more about yourself. But we’ve added really good pieces. All the pieces that we added are quality and you can see it. You can see it in today’s game. Just getting it to gel and getting it to be fine-tuned, to turn those chances into goals and then not conceding the goals we give up…we can’t give up those kinds of goals and expect to be in every game especially when you’re playing a really good team. Very good starting point, a lot of optimism, we’ll just build on it.”

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