Chicharito scores his first hat-trick in MLS

MLS week 2

The LA Galaxy started off their 2021 MLS campaign with a win at Inter Miami 3-2 where Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez propulsed his team to a win with a brace. The Mexican international did not remove his foot off the gas adding three more goals in week 2.

Following his resounding signing early 2020, Javier Hernandez did not live up to the expectations and he disappointed nany LA Galaxy fans.  Last season he struggled mightily and got mocked by many MLS followers. It seems this year Chicharito wants to put back respect where respect is due. With 5 goals in two games he surely made himself noticed as the Major League Season gets just underway.

Los Angeles Galaxy 3-2 New York Red Bulls

Coach Vanney on Chicharito:

“I thought he had put in a great shift. What we needed to do today was get him in front of goal and give him opportunities because it wasn’t about possession and we were scraping through a lot of that game. It was about his opportunities and he took him well like the goal-scorer that he is.

He was clever about his movements throughout the day. Again, it was a day of opportunistic actions more than it was anything else, and he gave us a good shift on the defensive side to help us when we needed it.

On the Galaxy‘s exciting start:

“It’s another character victory and sometimes you’ve got to get those, a culture victory, when you’re starting to establish something. It continues to add more belief, more character to the group, the culture starts to set in a little bit more. On the tough days, when you can win games, then you’ve got a better shot when you have your good days too because you have that baseline work rate to get you through the tough days.

“We’re two games in and we have six points and I don’t think anyone else in the league has six points yet. So that for us is a good start. We have to remember what got us here, because what got us here those two games was really just hard work and sacrifice for one another and some execution in key moments. We need to continue to grow and get better as we move forward.”