Sampdoria 0-1 Juventus

Coach Allegri reacts after the 31st Serie A title – the 31st for the Old Lady

“We believed we could do it and were at the top from the very start. I came into an important dressing room and gradually we’ve worked together, doing an extraordinary job. Credit for this Scudetto win also goes to the lads, who worked their socks off from day one. We’re a great group.”

“We have huge targets to reach and the season isn’t over yet. Today we won with a decent performance and that’s something that pleased me. But we’ve got plenty of desire to keep improving and now there’s the huge motivation of the Champions League.”

Defender Chiellini:

We’re fantastic in every department, everyone has played their part.

“We possess excellent individuals like Pereyra who hit the ground running from the start. I didn’t think he’d be as good as he’s turned out to be.

“I’m in the prime of my career and am more vocal on the field. I’d like to give an honourable mention to the defence. We know how to dig deep and maybe I’m the symbol of these characteristics.”

We can’t celebrate in the same way as years gone by. Our next match is fundamental and we need to approach it in the best possible way.

“Even though we’ve won the title, there’s still another month to play, and we want to end it in a big way.”

Game winner at Sampdoria – Arturo Vidal:

“I feel good and the team is playing with maturity”. He and the team already have their focused to real Madrid for the Champions League semis “We’ll be heading to the Bernabeu for the return leg, a stadium that gets me excited just thinking about it.

“I know Real Madrid are the best team in the world but we want to be in the final. It would be a dream to win the Champions League. We’ll have time to celebrate at the end of the season.”

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