by Petar Todorovski

Milan cut three points of the difference behind Lazio on top of the Calcio table. They won the game against the motivated team of Bari with 3:2, in a match that they won easily despite conceding two goals.

Massimiliano Allegri didn’t meet Ibrahimovic’s wish to play alongside Inzaghi as started the game with Zlatan and Robinho in front and Seedorf (photo) as attacking midfielder just behind them. He also included Flamini and Yepes in the team, players who don’t get opportunities very often.

Rossoneri opened the match in 4th minute when Massimo Ambrosini headed well the cross of veteran Seedorf.

The AC Milan coach continued with the game with a very clever tactic, with strong defense waiting chances from counter attacks. The result of this tactic came soon, in 31st minute as Mathieu Flamini scored after his run was met by superb assist by Ibrahimovic.

Despite being two goals down Bari never lacked motivation. Paulo Barreto had the best chance to score but his shot was wide.

In the second half we had the same situation from the first half: Bari trying to put pressure and Milan patiently waiting for a chance. Ibrahimovic had one shot wide, but Robinho had the best chance. He was in an one-on-one situation against the opposition keeper Gillet, he tried to lob him but the ball sailed high, and driving his team mates crazy and, once again questioning relations between players in the club. He was substituted in 63rd minute with another Brazilian striker, Alexandre Pato.

Only two minutes after Bari finally managed to make the game more interesting. Kutuzov took the ball round 34 year old Mario Yepes with ease and netted with routine.

However their hope for equalizer wasn’t long-lasting. Pato made the difference after coming off the bench. He dribbled off Marco Rossi before he scored one more goal on away side only seven minutes later. He had one more chance few minutes later but Gillet gathered the ball.

Despite losing by two goals, Bari never gave up. Barreto scored a wonderful goal in 90th minute, giving his team little hope. Nevertheless, Allegri’s men were too much experienced to let the result turn in Bari’s favor.

Coach Allegri was happy with the display, giving credits to players for picking up after losing from Juventus and shocking equalizer against Real Madrid.

Ibrahimovic stated that he is happy for the victory but he wished it was gained easily, probably alluding to irresponsible play of Robinho.

This game was won by Massimiliano Allegri. Officially the best coach in Serie A a couple of season ago. He read the signals sent by his superstars, left Ronaldinho on the bench, compensating creativity with experienced and, unlike the Brazilian, committed veteran Clarence Seedorf. The Dutch successfully provided superb passes, creating goals with two of them. Also, Allegri didn’t make wishes come true for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as he had to play with Robinho and Pato, but not with Inzaghi, making the Swede to understand that he is not beyond the team.

Despite the fact that Milan players have shown some emotions when Robinho missed the chip, their domination in the game showed us that aside personal misunderstandings they can play good enough to edge out the weaker opponents. Because they are professional players, “they are Milan and they were built to do so.”