Chelsea secured the title after the 1-0 win vs. Crystal Palace.

Quotes from coach Mourinho and John Terry

When you work so hard and you are champions you feel you got what you deserved, it’s a good feeling,’ said the Blues boss. ‘For me, it may be a special feeling because I’m not the smartest guy when it comes to choosing countries and clubs. I chose the most difficult league in Europe, I chose a club where I was happy before. I’m so happy to win another Premier League title in my second spell at the club. I will try for another one. The day I don’t feel the pressure to do it again, I will stop.

‘What the players are feeling now is fantastic, they deserve it and now they can relax. Palace played like it was a crucial game for them and that was the pure feelings of football, we have to do the same in our three remaining matches.’

We were convinced for a long time but my experience and maturity was always present and in control of the emotions and the situation. We are champions now but during the season we had some crucial moments we coped with in a fantastic way. On 1 January when we were level on points with City after a heavy defeat at Spurs, instead of being a turning point it was our last defeat. From that moment we haven’t had one single defeat. The team were always there, everybody knows we deserve it.’

‘We showed absolutely everything football demands from a team since day one; fantastic attacking football, fantastic domination, high percentages of ball possession, low percentages of ball possession, we gave the ball to the opponents strategically, we defended well. The game today was a good example: Crystal Palace gave us a counter-attack game, we coped with that. We scored our goal, we changed the team and in the second half, with Mikel and Matic in midfield, we controlled the game completely. In the last part of the game they played with one target man, we coped with that. In the final few minutes they played with two target men, we coped with that. We did everything a team needs to do. That’s why we are champions and why we deserve to be champions, I think everybody knows that.’

John Terry reacts:

‘We managed to set it up with the win at Leicester and it was a tough game against Crystal Palace. They are a good side and they made it difficult, especially late on but we managed to get over the line and we are champions.

‘We’ve worked so hard this year. The first time you win it is obviously very special but when you go four or five years without winning it and you’ve grafted all year and you get nothing for it, it really hurts – so we’re going to enjoy this.

‘I’ve been a ball boy here, a mascot, I’ve painted the stadium and this is what I live for, to give the championship to the fans after five years.’

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