Week 28: Atalanta 0-2 Juventus Turin

With the win Juventus extends the lead to 3 points to Napoli who lost during the weekend. 

Coach Allegri reacts to the win and the importance of clean sheet:

 “When you don’t concede, a top-of-the-table side such as ours has the players at its disposal capable of netting match-winning goals. The title-chasing teams typically score between 65 and 90 times in a campaign and so when you don’t let in many at the other end, it’s of course easier to win the league. This season, however, is extremely tight, as Napoli have conceded eight more goals than us, but they’ve also scored eight more.

With ten games left, this is a very important win. We played very well in the first half and we ought to have done better with the ball after the break. It’s no good rushing things and thinking you can string together just three passes then score.

Our approach today was the correct one, but when we let our foot off the gas they began pumping the ball more often into our box and we risked conceding. There’s room for improvement from that point of view. This is a different Juventus to last year’s. We’ve ten new players, the youngsters have come on leaps and bounds over these months, but there’s still plenty to work on in terms of taking charge of certain situations within matches.”

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