MLS 2016 season week 1: Chicago Fire 3-4 New York City FC

English Premier legend who played for Arsenal and Manchester City amongst other clubs during his lengthy and successful career, Patrick Viera inaugurated his coaching talents for the first time ever in Chicago today. The former French international and 1998 FIFA World Cup winner grabbed the win and his team scored 4 goals in the MLS debut.

Français : Patrick Vieira au cours d'un castin...

Coach Viera shares his thoughts on the game and the win:

“It was a really good team performance. I strongly believe we are not at our best at the moment because it was our first game of the league. We will get better and stronger, but I was very proud of the team because when we went through a difficult period, especially the last 15 or 20 minutes, we stuck together and we worked well.

We stuck to our philosophy, the way we want to play football. At times we played some really good football, our build-up from the back was really good, we created a lot of chances and this is the way that we want to play this year.

I don’t even remember how I got the ball, but I just knew that I had enough time and space to take a touch and just tried to warp my foot around it, back post. And when it came off my foot, I just knew I hit it clean.”

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