Serie A: AS Roma 1-1 Juventus

It’s a status-quo on top of Sere A championship dominated by Juventus with 9 points clear of AS Roma.

Coach Juventus – Allegri reacts:

“Considering how the game was panning out and the way we played it’s a pity to leave here with a point, but in the final stages of the game, with Roma’s pressure, we could have even risked losing. I’m happy with what we produced up until the 70 minute mark, beyond that less so.

“We’re still a long way off our Scudetto target, we must get back to keeping clean sheets and improve our use of the ball. We’ve taken a step forward, but we should have played a lot better in the last 20 minutes.”

Coach Roma – Garcia reacts:

“It was a tactical game with just a few chances for both teams. We knew set pieces could be decisive in a game like this. I think we reacted exceptionally well. To play like we did with ten men against a team like Juventus means we have great character and that we’re still alive.

We had to take risks; the lads always believed they could do it even with ten men and I think we could even have scored another in the final minutes with a bit of luck. There are 13 games left. I think we need to focus on defending second place now. It’s the only approach that can help us get closer to Juventus.”

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