Granada 1-0 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona has ended a terrible week with another 1-0 poor performance and away defeat.

Martino is probably counting days at the head of the club. Having ht ball is good but the incapacity to create chances and to score is obvious. This Barcelona was different last year, charming, brilliant and clinical.

FC Barcelona is boring nowadays, passing the ball for minutes and losing it… They are clearly below the level of last year – why?? Beacuse of Marino and his poor strategy. Do not look further the answer is here… Time to get him out..!

Coach Martino reacts:

“This is a match that we should have won. The rotations have nothing to do with the result. We shouldn’t confuse sadness after a defeat with us giving up on the title race”.

“we no longer depend on ourselves to win the league title” and that the team “did everything possible” to fight back. “I don’t have any complaints for how my players played” and that “this is a game that we should have won.”

“We didn’t score the goals we needed to win, we lacked accuracy. In a normal game we would have won by three or four goals,” said the manager, who was clear that his men will not give up in pursuit of the league title: “We shouldn’t confuse sadness after a defeat with giving up on a competition.”

On the Copa del Rey final vs. Valencia “After the two defeats the players feel as though something important has been lost, but the game on Wednesday is a final and we have to win it.”

– 90Soccer predict a win for 2-1 for Valencia

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