Get Traction and Support with New Slowpitch Softball Shoes

Whether you call it slowpitch or softball, you’ll have a lot of fun hitting the field with your team. Though softball is similar to baseball, it often involves larger balls and teams comprised of fewer players. The Amateur Softball Association of America and the World Baseball Softball Confederation recommend that players wear and use certain types of clothing and equipment on the field. This includes cleats and shoes that offer more traction and support than traditional running shoes. You’ll find all the shoes that you need for softball and beyond at Tanel 360.


Choosing the Right Pair

Before you step even one foot onto the softball field, you need to make sure that you choose the right pair of slowpitch softball shoes. The shoes should have a leather upper or a man-made upper that will keep your feet dry, but you’ll also want to look at the interior of the shoes as well. You want shoes that will wick away moisture when you spend more time on your feet. Tanel 360 offers a wide range of shos for male and female players, and you’ll even find a few designs suitable for coaches standing on the sidelines and umpires keeping an eye on the game.

Show Your Team Pride

Tanel 360 is one of the few places that lets you customize your cleats. When you first look for a new pair of cleats, you might find that most companies only offer black shoes. At Tanel 360, you can customize your black shoes with some other colors. Red, green, yellow, blue and gray are just a few of the color options now available. You can use those colors on the back of the shoe or on the Tanel logo on the side, which is a great way to show your team pride.

Stability, Traction and More

The right pair of cleats can put a spring in your step. Why should you rely on those same old cleats from last season when you can feel more comfortable and walk a little easier with a new pair? With a pair of cleats from Tanel 360, you’ll get the security and support that you need for the coming season. Made from lightweight materials, these shoes will help you feet breathe, prevent fatigue and provide extra traction on the field. Those benefits and many more are why you should buy your softball cleats from Tanel 360.

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