Serie A week 23

The Derby Milano gave fans an exciting night at the San Siro stadium with two teams in a opposite direction. Inter Milan came from behind to beat AC Milan 4-2. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his second goal in 5 games with AC Milan giving a 2-0 lead at the break. The second half was totally another story with Inter equalizing in less than 15 minutes and then adding two more goals to seal the deal. The AC Milan collapse in the eocnd half was hard to predict but los symptomatic of a poor season. 

On the other end, Inter Milan is battling with Juventus for Serie A title. The Italian manager Antonio Conte has done a fine job with the club as Internazionale leads Serie A, over Juventus, thanks to a better goal difference. 

Inter manager Conte on the big derby win:

“It was certainly a special night because we really struggled in the first half, perhaps more than ever this season. There was the risk of being embarrassed, but we did well to regain our balance and understand where we had to improve. We did fantastically to have faith in what we had prepared and all credit goes to the lads, who never fell down in the difficult moments. This means that we’re on the right track and we’re preparing ourselves to do something great.

We know what went wrong during the first half and we made the necessary changes. Everyone assumed their responsibilities and we all made it out of a tough situation united, succeeding in turning the game around in the second half. We must keep that in mind for the future. This match helps us to understand that we must use our heads before our legs. Playing with head and heart is often more important than mere running and the second-half result was down to that.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic pointed out a lack of experience in the derby loss: “Let’s learn from our mistakes and move on”, said the Swedish striker.

AC Milan is glued to the middle of the table at the 10th rank. The derby was a game of two halves. During the first half, AC Milan played very well and passes were connecting. In the second they got destroyed letting Inter scoring 4 goals.. This season appears to be lost for the legendary Italian club. 


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