Ligue 1 – week 24

PSG have won their last 5 games in Ligue 1 and are cruising towards another domestic title. They beat Lyon 4-2 in a very entertaining game. The highlight of the match was the goal scored from the Uruguayan forward Cavani.

The best striker in the club’s history subbed in for Icardi and scored his 199th goal with PSG less than 3 minutes on the pitch. Cavani requested a trade during the winter transfer window but his move to Atletico Madrid did not go through. He has been the 4th or even the 5th striker on the team this season.

Strong celebration

It has been a very difficult stretch in Cavani’s career, coming back from injury and not playing much with the club. The goal gave PSG the win when Lyon was pushing for a comeback. The Uruguayan forward roared and celebrated with his teammates as they cam to congratulate him. 

Edison Cavani thanks the fans who always support him:

“It was a special evening. I felt the warmth from my teammates and the fans when I score. It’s nice to finish the game like that after Lyon had come back into it. I really enjoyed that. It’s magnificent. The relationship with the fans is something that goes beyond football.

They also allow you to feel your importance in the club. I’m always going to give my all for this club, my teammates and the fans. They give me a lot of strength and courage. It’s the best way to thank them.”

Coach Tuchel on the win:

“We scored a lot of goals and we created a lot of chances. We could have scored sooner. But we relaxed too much after going 3-0 up and we were punished for that. It’s a good lesson. We still deserved to win though. It’s not the moment to be too critical, because the team is putting together good results.

Congratulations to the players. It’s necessary to be aggressive in winning the ball back, because we’re very good on the counter-attack. We can’t lose concentration, we have to learn from that. It’s also human though, because we’ve played a huge amount of matches. It’s tough to keep your concentration for 90 minutes.”


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