FC Juventus Turin – 2017 Serie A champion.

Juventus Turin has been a monster for the past six years in Italy letting almost nothing for their opponent. This season again the club win the Calcio and the Italian Cup. This run has no precedent in Italy and Juve is arguably the best Italian club ever. After 2015 loss to FC Barcelona, Juventus will try to complete a historical treble when they take Real Madrid for the Champions League Final. 


Coach Allegri on the season:

“First of all you have to congratulate the players for winning six Scudetti in a row – they will go down in history. The club deserves particular credit too because they’ve done extraordinary things alongside the players.

Every victory is extraordinary, because winning is never inevitable. We have a special kind of confidence – the team has grown and we’ve played every game to win while showing the clarity of mind to understand where and how we can improve.

We’re working very hard to improve, because you don’t achieve your objectives without having that motivation. Now we need to recharge our batteries because we’ve pushed hard for this and this is the third season in a row that we’ve had to deal with very many games. In a season with so many twists and turns, every match is difficult.

If second gets 87 points and third gets 86, it shows that our opponents have forced us to work hard and keep our concentration high,” he said. “It’s to be expected that we dropped a few points along the way, as we did at Roma last Sunday. We were probably thinking about the Champions League because we’d just got through to the final – even so, we played well.”

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