InnerDrive is a team of mental skills coaches that help individuals and teams to realise their full potential.

Technical, tactical and physical ability, combined with talent are the entry requirements for competing in elite sport. However to be successful a footballer needs to be able to produce high performance under pressure consistently match after match. To do this you need to think and behave like a champion. That is where InnerDrive comes in.

We give sportsmen and women the tools and motivation to think and behave like champions. Our driving creed is “to leave no stone unturned in the quest to be the best you can be”. We believe it is important not only to teach the mental toughness required for getting results on match day, but also to teach the fundamental mindsets of champions which are the true keys to being the best that you can be. In short we help footballers release their inner drive!

InnerDrive is a team of performance coaches with expertise in sport psychology, team building, personal development, leadership, high performance best practice and life coaching. Our work relies on total immersion and commitment from both the client and ourselves. We only work with those who really do want to improve and are prepared to take action to do so.

Our work is applicable to all sports, business and indeed life. We work extensively in professional football, but also have clients in rugby, tennis, athletics, business and education. Perhaps the best example of the effectiveness of our work is West Ham’s Carlton Cole, who is in the process of transforming himself from “forgotten talent” to regular England International.

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Edward Watson
Daniel Abrahams
Bradley Busch


Edward Watson is co founder of InnerDrive. He has and MBA with distinction
from London Business School and a MA in Chemistry from Oxford University. He
was three times varsity champion and full blue in modern pentathlon. He has
worked in the Army, as a management consultant, and as a coach. He has
worked with a range of our clients across tennis, athletics (at international level)
and football (including at premiership and academy level) and in education.

Daniel Abrahams is co founder of InnerDrive. He has a first in Psychology from
Goldsmiths University and a MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Brunel
University. He played professional golf. He is a module leader and lecturer in
Sport Psychology at Middlesex University. He has worked with a range of our
clients across golf (at tour level), rugby, football (including at premiership and
academy level) and in the education sector.

Bradley Busch has worked with InnerDrive since 2009. He has a degree in Sport
and Exercise Science and a MSc with distinction in Sport Psychology at
Loughborough University where he was commissioned by the FA to research the
psychological pressures on youth footballers. He is a module co‐ordinator of Sport
Psychology at Middlesex University. He has worked with a number of our football
clients, both younger first team players and at Championship academy level.

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