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Sports are one of the universal loves of the human species. Many people simply enjoy basketball, whereas others eat, breathe, and sleep football. However, people these days are much more interested in watching sports than in playing them. However, you can take matters into your own hands within your community to bring more athletic activity to your city. These tips will help you start a soccer team in your area.


An essential part of making a sports team into a self-sustaining entity is income. Even soccer for the love of the game incurs time costs, if nothing else, but literally all organization adds to those costs, and the same is true of refreshments for the team. Therefore, you’ll need to find a way to monetize the team in order to pay the bills. There are a few great options, but the most hands off approach for a team of hobbyists is that of sponsorships. Paying for advertising space is a common tactic for businesses looking to get their names out there, and that provides numerous independent creators and amateur athletes some much needed support. Consider partnering with local businesses for a mutually beneficial arrangement that bolsters your community as a whole. For example, Google “court reporters Spokane” and start comparing businesses in your area to find the right fit for your team. However, it’s also important to have your pick of a few options, just in case your first choice isn’t interested in making a deal.


While this isn’t a truly universal rule, the vast majority of sports are competitive in nature. While you can play an abridged game of soccer amongst your team, a proper game will require two opposing sides, and splitting your team in half likewise alters the delicate balance of the sport’s rule set. Therefore, you’ll need to find opposing teams to challenge. Becoming a part of your local league is a crucial step, because this ensures that you can participate in a consistent rotation of opponents, ultimately culminating in playoffs for the best of the best in your area. However, this route is heavily associated with schools, potentially limiting the options of non-student adults. Another great option is to join a soccer forum that can help you communicate with other amateur teams and to plan and coordinate events. 


For an amateur team of hobbyists, this final point may be a moot one. However, if you want spectators at your games, you’re going to need to advertise. Marketing is an essential way for an organization to spread awareness of its brand, and sports teams are no different. Advertising is a potentially easy and cost effective problem to solve. 

Advertising in your local newspaper is a decent place to start, but your best bet for marketing on a budget is going to be social media marketing. Social media platforms provide a space for organizations to make announcements, engage with fans, and more. The greatest advantage of social media marketing is how much power it gives an organization without accruing any costs whatsoever. If, for whatever reason, you do want to invest in your marketing campaign, social media platforms typically have paid marketing services, as well. Another important part of marketing is branding, and branding is incredibly important in sports. You’ll need a recognizable but aesthetically appealing color palette for your team’s uniforms, for example. Many sports teams also make use of a mascot, one that typically corresponds directly with the name of the team. Designing these elements may require outside help for best results, so don’t be afraid to be an artist or designer to whip something up for you.

Bringing more sports representation to your area is a noble goal. With inactivity becoming the new normal, people need more ways to engage their bodies, and soccer provides a great framework for working out the body and the mind alike. Furthermore, sports tend to drive a stronger community spirit, and togetherness is something any community could use more of.