Have you ever watched Premier League players on the field abusing and pushing their bodies to the limits and wondered how they are able to get out there and do it again so quickly? Because if you knew, you’d want some of that, too, right? Premier League players get a lot of help when they’re on and off the field. From workouts to nutrition, if you want to toughen up like your favorite football player, here are some tips that will help you get there.

1. Take Supplements

Premier League players have dietary experts who make sure the players are getting a dose of power-packed essentials that will fuel them through the game. Protein helps build muscles and muscles are an important piece of the equation when it comes to getting into prime shape. Carbs provide the fuel the players need to keep going. Supplements can give your body the nutrients you may be missing in your regular diet. They can also give you an extra boost of energy.

LCR Health Telogenesis is a supplement that claims to improve your energy and cellular health. There are numerous reviews online from people who have tried it, and it would seem some who were skeptical at first actually found some benefit from prolonged use.

2. Stretches

Being agile is one of the physical requirements of a professional player. If the player didn’t possess agility, he would have clumsy play on the field. Stretching also warms the muscles prior to physical activity which can protect them from tears and strains. To train your body to be agile, you need to regularly stretch your muscles. Ideally, you should give warm up and stretch before and after physically demanding activities.

3. Cardiovascular Fitness

If Premier League players didn’t have a regular cardiovascular routine it wouldn’t take them long to wilt on the field. Regular workouts build stamina and muscle. You don’t have to run 10 km a day, like the players do, to reap the rewards of a cardio workout. Most health experts recommend you get at least 20 minutes of a heart-pounding workout per day. Anything beyond that is going to get you that much closer to being as durable as a football player.

4. Hydration

As you work out and push your body, you lose water. Water is essential to every organ in your body, because after all, 60% of your body is made up of water. But most importantly, when you’re working out, water lubricates your joints, regulates your body temperature by way of sweat and transports nutrients that provide energy to keep you going.

It’s recommended that men get about 15 cups of water a day and women get 11. That seems like a lot of water and many people don’t get enough. When you’re engaged in physical activities you need even more.

5. Get Enough Sleep

You would never know it because you don’t feel it, but your muscles get needed repair while you sleep. As you sleep, your blood flow increases, which increases the levels of oxygen and nutrients in your blood. This enables the nutrients to more quickly repair damage your muscles have experienced during the day. Of course, full recovery takes time, but sleep is important.

Try to get to bed early, and avoid watching tv or browsing social media on your phone. You should aim to get somewhere between 7 and 9 hours of sleep. Listen to your body, but at least get 7.

6. Passion for What You Love

Of course, if the players didn’t have a passion for football, they wouldn’t do all of the difficult things that are required of them. After all, it’s not easy to transform your body into a high performance machine that keeps on taking and giving. If you really want to have the endurance of a Premier League player, passion to accomplish those things has to play a role.