Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool team are playing a brand of positive, attacking football as they bid to secure a return to Champions League action. But how does he coach his team to go out and play this way?

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For the first time, soccer coaches all over the world are being given the chance to find out. January’s Elite Soccer magazine (published 4 January) features a coaching session on improving movement and interplay between midfielders and forwards written by the legendary Liverpool manager.

This training session focuses on encouraging understanding between players through the timing of runs, weight of pass and expectation of a team mate’s movement.  Kenny advises that coaches spend about 35 minutes on this session, utilising a number of set-ups and progressions that he details. Elite Soccer is the only resource that can give you access to coaching sessions written directly by Premier League managers.

The session is clearly laid out with six diagrams to show coaches exactly what they should be doing at all points. A narrative runs alongside it to talk them through the session, what they should be looking out for and ideas how to progress it and put it in to match situations.

For coaches who want to improve their team’s fluidity, who better to learn from than a manager who has won four league titles and two FA Cups, with movement and understanding between players at the heart of his coaching?

Players love the opportunity to train and develop their game under Kenny Dalglish. On joining the club this summer, Stewart Downing told the press “This is a tremendous club with a great manager and great players. Once I heard of the interest there was only one place I wanted to come. I heard rumours that other clubs were interested but once I knew the manager wanted me I wanted to come here.”

Elite Soccer can provide these first-hand coaching plans thanks to our partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA).  Kenny joins a list of great coaches who have provided sessions for Elite Soccer in the last year that includes the likes of Arsène Wenger, Roberto Mancini, Harry Redknapp and Roy Hodgson.


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