Lionel Messi is no longer a player of football club Barcelona.

The news that shook the world of football. As the Argentinian was supposed to sign a new contract extension with FC Barcelona to play with the club until he retires, the president Laporta later announced his incapability to extend the club’s best player ever.

Management 101

The Board of Directors at the club completely misunderstood the financial fair play imposed the European football Association UEFA. FC Barcelona has been a mess over the last few years. They got demolished 8-2 by Bayern Munich in the 2020 Champions League season, the club has not been able to win any major titles over the last few seasons coupled with poor signings and financial mismanagement lead to one of the worst presidencies of all time. Former club president Bartomeu was catastrophic and responsible for an utter failure. He then  resigned to appoint another figure in Laporta who is clueless and did not his job by understanding the books before offering a new contract to his superstar.

Failure Club Barcelona

This club has become a joke, new signings are asking to leave the club after learning Messi is not gonna stay that includes Aguero who made a move from Manchester city. In this disastrous environment the 34 years old needs to find a new home. Of course, every single European club would welcome Lionel Messi with open arms however on the forefront Paris alongside Manchester city seem to have Messi’s favors due to the connections with Neymar, Di Maria at PSG and former coach Guardiola at FC Barcelona. The Copa America 2021 winner will soon make his decision on where he plays next.

Poor socios, the FC Barcelona is in complete limbo and destined to a rebuild this season. Messi will rebound somewhere else but this situation has to be pointed of one of the worst management in football’s history of all time farewell FC Barcelona you will need to work on getting the respect back from the sun good night.