Champions Finals 2020 – quarterfinal round FC Barcelona 2-8  Bayern Munich 

Bayern Munich inflict an all-time humiliation to FC Barcelona in Champions League’s history. Never a club had scored 8 goals at this stage of the competition. Barcelona and Messi got whooped by a much better team, the best team in the world right now. It was arguably the worst night in FC Barcelona’s history. 

It only took 4 minutes for FC Bayern to get the lead by Müller. FC Barcelona would quickly respond with the equalizer just 3 minutes later. Then the German thunder stroke a helpless Catalan defense. Three goals in 10 minutes (21′, 27′, 31′) set the Bundesliga for a glorious night and the La Liga runners-up for a massacre. At the break FC Barcelona were down 4-1. They let go another four more goals in the second half. 

Bayern Munich aim at 6th Champions League title

Bayern Munich are the clear favorites to win it all. They were already before the tie against FC Barcelona. This team is a machine that has won al their games since the restart, scoring on average over 3 goals per match. They won the Champions League 5 times, the last one in 2013, and are two games away from repeating it. 

The German champions play a splendid football right now, reminiscence of the 2014 Germany World Cup champions team that humiliated Brazil 7-1, on its way to the trophy.

Coach Flick comments on a glorious night:

“I have to pay a huge compliment to the whole team. The way the guys kept up the intensity over the whole 90 minutes was just top-notch. That’s our mentality, that’s what we stand for. What I’m also particularly pleased about is that the players who come off the bench seamlessly follow up on their teammates’ performances.

That’s absolute team spirit. We knew that if we put them under pressure they could make mistakes. We wanted to take advantage of that and it worked out perfectly. Barcelona have an enormous quality in attack, and you could recognise certain automatic behaviour.

We had to invest a great deal of effort. It was hard work for our defence, and they coped brilliantly.  We’re happy that we were rewarded for our performance, also with the size of the result. But we also know we still have a lot to do. Now it’s time to recuperate and prepare for our next opponents. After all, we start from scratch again with the next game.”

Messi transparent

Where was Messi in the biggest game of the season? He had no influence on the game and seemed lost on the pitch like the rest of his team. FC Barcelona is a mess right now. In fact they have been a mess for quite a long time.

The organization fired coach Valverde, who won the double La Liga – Cup in 2018, when they were leading La Liga. They got a useless player in Braithwaite and forced to sign Griezmann who is clearly not a great fit for this club. They hired a very modest coach in Setien, who reports say, is on his way to get fired after the humiliating performance against FC Bayern Munich, 8-2. FC Barcelona need a complete overhaul and it starts from the top with probably the sacking of a few executives and a new coach who has Barça DNA. Name who Xavi? He already claimed his love for his former club…to be continued


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