The FIFA Ballon d’or 23 provisional nominees in 2015, selected in the list of Europe top three midfielders, Belgian star Eden Hazard seems to be moving on the brink of ending his days at Chelsea football club. His Incredible performances for both the country and club teams surely had signaled a wonderful aspiration for him to become the Europe’s best midfielder in the near future ultimately. Chelsea`s creative playmaker has established global reputation as one of the greatest of this generation over the past years, while is facing difficult challenges of carrying the pressure of promising title defense for Chelsea In EPL and possibly reclaiming their past contender ship rank they used to enjoy in the Uefa Champions league once again after few struggling era. Winning premier league prestigious player of the year awards in last two seasons mainly contributed to a sharper leadership Hazard Eagers to transform into the squad which briefly characterizes his incredible quality and sheer genius instinct remarks to inspire the brilliant flair& superb rhythmic style at the heart of Blue’s attack. but Chelsea’s disastrous performance this season, being eliminated from European cup, crushing out of FA Cup semifinal by Everton are the facts to have heated up his transfer rumors in the near future despite his golden mission of leading the team to the dreamland, the idea which entirely failed under José Mourinho and ultimately vanished during Guus Hiddink short sparking transition with its minimum impact, witnessed eventually hopeless strategy in delivering requested trophies. Blues struggled to inspire dominant performances demanded to succeed, for many complicated  reasons, which seen a rising tension over Portuguese promising methods to achieve titles along with the lack of communicative efficiency, increased within squad and  underperformed tactically as a unit that seemingly cutting their chances even more significant. Hazard profile would have undertaken a highly serious challenge towards the end of this season for Chelsea’s painful results.

He produced stunning winning moments at Stanford Bridge to Lead Chelsea triumph, however the pressure is clearly rising since Inconsistent displays& poor influence that there won’t be any guarantee of his longer contract to be remain alive due to sudden change of team’s shocking scenario or failed efforts to meet the expectations required them after all. He fired Belgium to euro 2016 cup next summer after developing world class career at his club, however; his motivation to elevate the path of brilliant legacy might be in stutter after Chelsea extremely disappointing year. That means he will look elsewhere to reach new accomplishments and with Real is linked to offer Belgian an expensive contract, hazard will set his radar to follow other EPL legends that had gone to Madrid after becoming a super star In England. There would be many options awaiting a gifted Belgian in the future beyond his London side desire and fans expectations without a doubt begins to shift in more compromising directions that possibly encourages him to  consider Real offer, moving to play at Santiago Bernabéu.

He possesses exceptional technical abilities to inspire Real attack, crafty dribbling skills at blistering pace on both wings sparks more dynamic feature to Zidan high tempo side, providing more flexibility to control the pace of attack when deeper players like Kroos and Luca Modric opening build up& winning the spaces in midfield as Hazard rhythmic play in drifting centrally would link with Modric to control far more possession with their neat touches, while Belgian is capable of accelerating forward out wide to penetrate on little gaps high up the pitch In Steady transition from mid pressing play, providing mobility for two outside strikers to switch runs to interchanging with Hazard when he turn into an auxiliary winger role in reliance of his dazzling footwork to track off  his markers, sharply forming continuous interplay passes with joint attackers to free their run in final third with his speed and sharply executing a breakaway pass when switching intense runs on the flanks or defense-splitting ball through pressing line as a central playmaker if he assigned to play in that position often. With Hazard orchestrating attacks with expanded possession over midfield line, Ronaldo will have even more freedom to run over defense at the end of buildup, Bale would spark his dynamic skills to beat off full back, breaking Inside to interchange with Belgian far easier, while Isco integrates best in sustaining rhythm of overflowing play and interchanging short passes out wide with Hazard, both players are willing to pause under tight pressing to open space and neatly combining play with the next run, in timely change pace, holding the ball with more precision. Hazard instinctive playmaking skills and pure vision will set him well to adapt playing several positions such as 4-2-3-1 as attacking play-maker behind two strikers, deploying into auxiliary winger as wide striker in three front men line and even as false number nine to spark pace in front of the midfield and link up with loan striker. He has vast potential to provide more flexibility to Real’ crucial reactive style in reliable balance and depth for holding players to win spaces between the line on their defensive duties and joining forward more ambitiously. He will achieve the most glittering chapter of legacy in his career with plenty of trophies awaiting him in Madrid. The storyline of Belgian gifted star remains to be very interesting to follow for the world football perhaps.

Eden Hazard of Chelsea celebrates scoring from a penalty during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, second leg match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge on March 11, 2015 in London, England.


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