Premier League week 14:

Liverpool can thank Origi who scored the winning goal at the 96th minute against Everton in the first Merseyside derby of the season. 

With this victory the Reds stay on pace and two points behind leaders Manchester City. Additionally Liverpool remain unbeaten with 11 wins and 3 draws out of their first 14 League games. A pretty impressive record as we are heading towards mid-season and the winter frenzy. 

Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp comments on the crazy finish to the game:

“Our high-pressing was outstanding, our counter-press was really at the highest level, football-wise in a lot of moments it was really good. We tried to control the game, which is difficult because they closed the spaces really well. As always, we could have done a few moments better, but we had our moments.

They had the first chance and it was really big when Ali made an outstanding save [from Andre Gomes] and then Joe Gomez made an outstanding save. I don’t know how these two boys cleared that situation. We had our moments; Sadio was in very good positions to finish off, but both goalkeepers were really there – an outstanding performance tonight, so that’s why it was open until the last second. 

We had that free-kick, we had the formation for second balls, which is pretty rare in a situation like that when everyone wants to be in the box, wants to be the one who scores.

Of course, it was a bit lucky – Virg, in the moment when the ball left his foot I thought it was over and then you see the back-spin, you see the ball flies direct onto the crossbar and then it was an unthankful job for Pickford and Divock was there. It was a very intense game and obviously a much nicer finish for us.