Brazil 2014 could be the first World Cup to host goal-line technology (GLT) after FIFA approved a German camera-based system that will be put into full practice later this year.

The news is set to alleviate confusion both on the pitch and back home with football betting punters, with controversial goals now being confirmed or denied within a second of the incident.

GoalControl, a 4G camera production that tracks the ball across the pitch, has won the right to put its technology to use during the 2013 Confederations Cup this summer and there are already plans to expand GLT to other football competitions.

“All current goal posts and white goal nets can be used without any modifications. Additionally, GoalControl-4D can be used with any existing ball,” said GoalControl managing director Dirk Broichhausen.

Indeed, the fact the technology doesn’t require special equipment on the field means Premier League and Championship betting fans could soon see GLT in their home stadiums.

The benefits of GLT greatly improve the betting experience for punters on Bet Victor, for there is nothing more frustrating than having a goal wrongly given or denied. Those who backed England beat Germany at World Cup 2010 – or even simply score twice against their rivals – were left dumfounded when Frank Lampard’s strike thundered off the bar, bounced over the line and flew back into play.

The incident was over so quickly the officials couldn’t see it and so waved play on.

Any way of alleviating confusion over objective events – such as when the ball has crossed the line – is good for the game and for fans placing a football bet, and although UEFA have implemented extra officials behind the byline they proved ineffectual at Euro 2012 when Ukraine arguably had a goal denied against England.

These incidents forced FIFAs hand and thankfully they have come up with a solution that will only enhance the viewing experience rather than detracting from the enjoyment.

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