By Rod Deyzel

Alan Pardew celebrated at the final whistle as if the magpies had won the cup, and to honest the feeling of such a comeback must be pretty close to a cup win. Arsenal romped into the lead after goals from Theo Walcott in 45 seconds and unlikely scorer Djourou headed the gunners into a 0-2 lead after just 3 minutes with his first goal for the club. Just 6 minutes later Arsenal were 0-3 up with a fine finish from van Persie. Newcastle were as good as buried. The misery was confounded on 26 minutes when van persie headed into a 0-4 lead. The gunners went into the dressing room at half time fully confident of adding to their lead and taking back home to north London 3 points.

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Yet what Arsenal fans are not used to seeing happened. They took their peddle off the gas and capitulated! Things looked rosy until on 68 minutes Newcastle got a pen and Barton scored. Even after Diaby got sent off you couldn’t imagine the Gunners surrending such a lead. Yet Newcastle tails were up and they could sense something special. On 75 minutes leon Best made it 2-4 and the toon army were cheering Newcastle on. Another somewhat weak pen was awarded and Barton duly dispatched the ball into the back of the net. 3-4! The toon army were roaring on and the crowd was in expectation. Who would be the man to make himself a hero. Tiote delivered and what a goal! The ball was cleared out of the penalty area, the ball hung in the air and slowly descended from the heavens onto the left boot of Tiote who volleyed it with venom and placement into the corner of the net! 4-4!

The final whistle blew which ended a fantastic game of football. any doubters of the beautiful game should be showed this game as proof of its beauty. Arsenal fans need not be sad. Man Utd lost so they still gained a point on them. In fact in some circumstances just sit back and contemplated how lucky you were to have been involved in such an amazing game and give credit to your opponents. Bravo Newcastle.

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