Right after the end of the MLS Superdraft, 90SOCCER  attended to the annual convention of NSCAA Indy 2013. we started the event on Thursday at 7 pm, to meet the soccer community.

As we gathered in the main hall,  many are outside the doors ready for the opening as you feel an excitement in the crowd. Hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of attendees gathered in Indianapolis for a great weekend of soccer! We started to walk and saw this immensity of soccer related products. Every soccer fan can find his treasure at this convention.

So, we tried the virtual penalty kick game, and worked on your shot; played with various innovations all more surprising and interesting.  We got to see all the creativity of soccer community in the country.  We learned about great soccer tours in Europe and Brazil to watch the worlds best of soccer! Find more on

We learned on great apps for coaches and leagues to manage their team, and more in-depth game analytics. We also stopped by at Soccer America  and talked to the founder of the oldest soccer magazine in america dated from 1971 – Soccer America; really true enthusiast soccer fans with fine knowledge… great three days of soccer!

– When it comes to soccer events in the United States, few can parallel the NSCAA Convention. No other event matches the fun, excitement and learning opportunities this annual gathering offers to soccer coaches at all levels of the game.

Whether it’s learning the basics of coaching goalkeepers or a high-level discussion of systems of play, every coach who attends will find something new to add to their soccer repertoire.

And the coaching instruction is just the beginning – the four-day program is filled with unlimited opportunities to mix and mingle with some of the most prominent names on the soccer landscape -.